Pyslvs v18.04 - 04/09

  • Application of auto configuration algorithm

  • 自動配置演算法的應用

Application of auto configuration algorithm

We can using auto configure function to preview the paths (limit ranges) of any mechanism.

This function is achieved by expanded "tinycadlib", some new Cython functions to calculate the path data.

But we still keep Solvespace as a third party verification tool. So the calculation of main canvas will still using Python-Solvespace kernel.


這個功能是透過擴充後的「tinycadlib」實現的,多了一些 Cython 函式來計算路徑數據。

但是我們仍保留 Solvespace 作為第三方驗證工具。因此主畫布的計算仍會使用 Python-Solvespace 核心。

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